Upper Intermediate Business English Course


CEFR Range: B2 – C1

An extensive business English course designed to bring the real world of international business into the classroom. This course is intended for students with intermediate or above English skills who would like to extend their business vocabulary and fluency with authentic reading texts and listenings, and a hands on approach to learning.

The course consists of 12 units featuring new authentic texts and listenings throughout, reflecting the latest trends in the business world.

Course units:

  1. Communicationstalk about what makes a good communicator, listen to experts from the field, learn communications vocabulary and idioms, dealing with communications breakdowns, writing: email. 
  2. International Marketstalk about international brands, marketing word partnerships, noun compounds and phrases, practise brainstorming, writing: action minutes.
  3. Building Relationshipstalk about building relationships, describing relations, multi-verb words, skills: networking, writing: letter
  4. Successdiscuss success, prefixes and present/past tenses, skills: negotiating, writing: press release/letter.
  5. Job Satisfactiondiscuss motivation, synonyms and word-building, passives, skills: cold calling, writing: guidelines.
  6. Riskdiscuss different aspects of risk, describing risk, adverbs of degree, skills: reaching an agreement, writing: report.
  7. Management Stylesdiscuss different management styles, management qualities, text reference, skills: presentations, writing: report.
  8. Team Buildingtalk about working in teams, prefixes and modal perfect, skills: resolving conflict, writing: letter.
  9. Raising Financediscuss how and where finance can be raised, financial terms, dependent prepositions, Skills: negotiating, writing: summary.
  10. Customer Servicediscuss the value of customer service, complaints and gerunds, skills: active listening, writing: report.
  11. Crisis Managementdiscuss ways of handling crisis, vocabulary: handling crisis, conditionals, skills: asking and answering difficult questions, writing: article/report.
  12. Mergers and Acquisitions – discuss mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, describe mergers and acquisitions, vocabulary: predictions and probability, skills: making a presentation, writing: report.

Each course includes an initial level assessment, revision chapters, grammar review as well as an end of level assessment.

*Courses based on Pearson Longman Market Leader series.