Pre-intermediate Business English Course


CEFR Range: A2 – B1

A false beginners course in business English for learners looking to renew and review business English at an easier pace. This course will greatly improve your ability and confidence to communicate in English in a wide range of business situations.

The course consists of 12 units featuring new authentic texts and listenings throughout, reflecting the latest trends in the business world.

Following a student-centred approach, we look for every opportunity to bring the topics to life in the classroom through genuine, relevant and timely activities and tasks.

Course units:

  1. Careerstalk about your career plan, review ability, requests and offers, telephone skills: making contacts. 
  2. Companies discuss companies, describe companies, review present simple and continuous, present your company. 
  3. Selling talk about shopping habits, making sales, negotiating: reaching agreement.
  4. Great Ideas discuss what makes a great idea, listening: interview with a researcher, successful meetings, writing a report.
  5. Stressdiscuss stressful situations and activities, stress in the workplace, participating in discussions, case study on stress reduction.
  6. Entertainingdiscuss corporate entertaining, reading: three corporate entertainment experts, multi-verb words, greetings and small talk.
  7. New Business discuss new business and business sectors, vocabulary: economic terms and time clauses, dealing with numbers, writing: email. 
  8. Marketingtalk about the marketing mix and campaigns, word partnerships and questions, telephoning: exchanging information. 
  9. Planningdiscuss how and when to plan, making plans & talking about future plans, meetings: interrupting and clarifying, planning a new issue of a magazine. 
  10. Managing People – discuss the qualities of a good manager, verbs and prepositions, socialising and entertaining, writing: report. 
  11. Conflictquiz on managing conflict, listening: dispute resolution, word building & conditionals, negotiating: dealing with conflict.
  12. Productsdiscuss products, describing products, passives, presenting a product, writing: report. 

Each course includes an initial level assessment, revision chapters, grammar review as well as an end of level assessment.

*Courses based on Pearson Longman Market Leader series.