Intermediate Business English Course



CEFR Range: B1 – B2

This course is great for professionals and business students looking to improve their confidence and fluency with authentic texts and listenings and via strongly student focused activities. One of the principles of this course is that students should deal with as much authentic content as their language level allows. So expect an intense but rewarding course that improves upon and extends your business knowledge base.

The course consists of 12 units featuring new authentic texts and listenings throughout, reflecting the latest trends in the business world.

Course units:

  1. Brandstalk about your favourite brands, listen to experts from the field, learn marketing vocabulary, take part in meetings, writing: email. 
  2. Traveltalk about your travel experiences, work on US and UK travel words, future forms, telephoning: making arrangements, writing: email. 
  3. Changediscuss attitudes to change, reading: Mercedes, words for describing change, past simple and past perfect, managing meetings, writing: action minutes. 
  4. Organisationtalk about status within an organisation, words and expressions to describe company structure, introductions and networking, writing: email. 
  5. Advertisingdiscuss authentic advertisements, words and expressions for talking about advertising, articles, starting and structuring a presentation, writing: summary. 
  6. Moneydiscuss attitudes to money, words and expressions for talking about finance, describing trends, dealing with figures, writing: email. 
  7. Culturesdiscuss the importance of cultural awareness in business, idioms for talking about business relationships, advice, obligation and necessity, social English, writing: report. 
  8. Human Resourcestalk about job interviews, expressions for talking about job applications, getting information on the telephone, writing: letter. 
  9. International Marketsdiscuss the development of international markets, vocabulary to talk about free trade, conditions, skills: negotiating, writing: email. 
  10. Ethicsdiscuss questions of ethics at work, words to describe illegal activity or unethical behaviour, narrative tenses, skills: considering options, writing: report. 
  11. Leadershipdiscuss the qualities of good leadership, words to describe character, relative clauses, skills: presenting, writing: email. 
  12. Competitionquiz on being competitive, idioms from sport to describe competition, passives, skills: negotiating, writing: email. 

Each course includes an initial level assessment, revision chapters, grammar review as well as an end of level assessment.

*Courses based on Pearson Longman Market Leader series.