English for Security Professionals


CEFR: A1 – B1

This course is designed for security professionals who want to improve their English communication in a work environment. Focusing on career-specific vocabulary and contexts, each unit immerses students in the four key language components: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

This course includes topics on describing suspects, security cameras, non-lethal weapons, safety protocols and career options.

This course offers three levels of difficulty, A1, A2, & B1. Each level consists of 15 units and includes a test of reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening skills and leads students through written and oral production.

Course units for level 2:

  1. Recognising suspicious people
  2. Physical Security 1
  3. Physical Security 2
  4. Information Security
  5. Loss Prevention
  6. Armoured Vehicle Security
  7. Personal Protection
  8. Bouncers
  9. Traffic Control
  10. Transportation Security
  11. Travel Security
  12. Operating Vehicles
  13. Weapons 1
  14. Weapons 2
  15. Weapons 3 


*This course is based on Career Paths: Security Personnel.