English for Sales and Purchasing



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English for Sales and Purchasing is a course for people who need to communicate effectively with international clients and colleagues. From managing international clients and dealing with foreign suppliers to attending international exhibitions, drawing up proposals and dealing with complaints and enquiries, this course helps you to become more confident, fluent and likely to achieve your goals.

Consisting of 6 units this course presents realistic situations for sales and purchasing. Every unit begins with a Starter to introduce the topic. This is followed by dialogues, reading texts, and authentic documents as well as a variety of exercises designed to aid the learning of important vocabulary and phrases in contextual situation.

Course units:

  1. Jobs and responsibilitiesTalking about your job, talking about your goals, objectives and targets, telephoning language.
  2. New contacts: Being polite, establishing contact at a trade fair, small talk strategies, e-mail conventions and phrases.
  3. Offers: Offers, tenders and bids, talking about a product, the tendering (or bidding) process, active listening.
  4. Negotiations: Discussing terms and conditions (conditional sentences), agreeing and disagreeing, starting and ending a negotiation.
  5. Orders: Exchanging information, handling orders, referring to numbers in an order.
  6. Customer care: Complaining effectively, complaint management with CASH, letters of complaint and apology.

Each course includes an initial level assessment, revision chapters, grammar review as well as an end of level assessment.

*Course based on Oxford English for Sales & Purchasing.