English for IT


CEFR: B1 – C1

English for Information Technology is a course designed for students of IT or those already working in the IT sector who want to improve and extend their language skills in the context of IT.

There are 25 units covering a wide range of current IT topics, using authentic texts and visual material taken from text books, newspapers, popular computing magazines, internet news groups, webpages, manuals and advertisements. Each unit contains work on a mix of language skills and every fifth unit focuses specifically on developing listening and reading skills through authentic interviews with IT professionals.

Course units:

  1. Computer Users
  2. Computer Architecture
  3. Computer Applications
  4. Peripherals
  5. Interview: Former Student
  6. Operating Systems
  7. Graphical User Interfaces
  8. Application Programs
  9. Multimedia
  10. Interview: Computing Support Officer
  11. Networks
  12. The Internet
  13. The World Wide Web
  14. Websites
  15. Interview: Webpage Creator
  16. Communications Systems
  17. Computing Support
  18. Data Security 1
  19. Data Security 2
  20. Interview: The ex-hacker
  21. Software Engineering
  22. People in Computing
  23. Recent Developments in IT
  24. The Future of IT
  25. Interview: Electronic Publishing

Each course includes an initial level assessment, revision chapters, practical exercises and opportunities to hone everyday business skills such as presenting, negotiating and  meetings.

*Course based on the Oxford English for Information Technology coursebook.