English for Human Resources


CEFR Range: B1 – C1

This English for Human Resources course covers a wide range of topics of concern to human resources and personnel development, from understanding the essentials of resourcing and outsourcing through to strategic HR.

As well as teaching the specialist vocabulary and theory of HR, the course also develops job-specific skills such as coaching, designing and implementing appraisal systems, managing conflict and others.

The course consists of 10 units featuring authentic texts and exercises throughout, reflecting the latest trends in the business world.

Course units:

  1. HR Strategystrategic approaches to HR, expressing opinions, writing HR strategic documents, linking business and HR strategies, developing an HR strategy.
  2. Employee resourcing and talent management – researching and producing a resourcing plan, solving resourcing problems, resourcing methods, interactions in meetings, resourcing plans, discussing market conditions. 
  3. Recruitment and selection defining job requirements, identifying suitable candidates, conducting interviews, choosing the right candidates, interview methods, follow up questions, discussing the best candidate for the job. 
  4. Training and development strategy writing a training and development strategy, designing learning interventions, producing a development programme, evaluating training and development. 
  5. Coaching, mentoring and counselling – coaching in the workplace, conducting a
    mentoring session, delivering a counselling service, managing conflict, coaching methods.
  6. Competences page preparing a competence framework, Identifying competences, writing performance standards, introducing a competence framework. 
  7. Employee development and performance review  planning for a development review, introducing a new review scheme, delivering an employee briefing, conducting a development review.
  8. Discipline and grievance investigating a complaint, writing a disciplinary procedure, conducting a disciplinary hearing, dealing with a grievance.
  9. Reward management – evaluating a reward system, writing a reward strategy, introducing a new reward system.   
  10. HR branding and consulting – creating an HR brand, communicating the brand message, negotiating service level agreements, developing a consultancy role.

*This course is based on Cambridge English for Human Resources.