English for Educators



As English is being introduced into primary classrooms round the world, more and more teachers are being asked to teach in English to Young Learners. This course will help such teachers to improve their spoken English and to use it effectively to help their children learn.

This course will improve your confidence in speaking English in the classroom and broaden your range of language teaching activities.

The course consists of 10 units featuring authentic texts and listenings throughout.

Course units:

  1. Teaching young learners – first language – second language, starting your lessons in English, organising your classroom, ending your lessons, very young learners and young learners.
  2. Listen and do – giving instructions in English, listening and identifying, a positive approach to discipline, recalling and talking about routines, turn giving, discussing right and wrong.
  3. Listen and make – explaining and demonstrating, asking for helpers and giving things out, phrases describing position, language for demonstrating.
  4. Speaking with support – using classroom phrases, saying rhymes and singing songs to practice pronunciation, stress and intonation, five ways of eliciting language, playing vocabulary games.
  5. Speaking more freely – cognitive development and language learning, eliciting personal talk, speaking games, children speaking in groups.
  6. Reading in English – beginning reading; look and say, phonics, young learners, encouraging learner participation, asking children to guess the word, helping children recognise phrases, reading independently.
  7. Writing in English – practicing the alphabet, politeness phrases, intonation and stress for meaning, from speaking to writing, writing with other children, children writing freely.
  8. Reading and telling stories – story telling and prompts, intonation and actions, moving away from the text, telling and talking.
  9. Story activities – making up a story, story structures, useful expressions for correcting and improving children’s language.
  10. Planning for effective use of English in the classroom – helping children learn and improve, responding to mother tongue talk, when and how to correct, revision of classroom language functions, useful phrases.

Each course includes an initial level assessment, revision chapters, grammar review as well as an end of level assessment.

*Course based on English for Primary Teachers A handbook of activities & classroom language by Mary Slattery & Jane Willis.