Elementary Business English Course


CEFR Level: A1 – A2

A beginners course in business English for learners looking to build upon a basic knowledge of English. This course will greatly improve your ability and confidence to communicate in English in a wide range of business situations.
The course consists of 12 units featuring new authentic texts and listenings throughout, reflecting the latest trends in the business world.

Following a student-centred approach, we look for every opportunity to bring the topics to life in the classroom through genuine, relevant and timely activities and tasks.

Course overview:

  1. Introductionslearn about other nationalities, describing yourself in business, talking about yourself and introducing yourself and others. 
  2. Work and Leisure revise days, months, dates, describe your routine and leisure activities, talk about work and leisure.
  3. Problems – revise adjectives, read about workplace problems, practise solving problems on the telephone.
  4. Traveltalk about business travel, make bookings, check arrangements. 
  5. Food and Entertainingdiscuss food from different countries, reading on India, listening to an interview, making decisions. 
  6. Buying and Sellingtalk about buying different products, reading on a global success story, listening to an interview with a consultant, choosing and describing a product. 
  7. Peopletalk about how you like your work, reading on women at the top, describing people, dealing with problems. 
  8. Advertisingadvertising and markets, participating in discussions, writing a product launch plan.
  9. Companieslistening to an interview with a specialist, reading on new markets, describing companies, starting a presentation, presenting your company, writing a company profile. 
  10. Communicationlistening to a management consultant, reading on social media, talking about internal communications, making arrangements, writing an email.
  11. Cultures talking about company cultures, identifying problems and agreeing action, writing action minutes.
  12. Jobsdiscussing jobs, reading on a profile on a professional networking site, talking about skills and abilities, interview skills, writing a letter. 

Each course includes an initial level assessment, revision chapters, grammar review as well as an end of level

*Based on Pearson Longman Market Leader series.